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What Clients Are Saying

Josh has the patience of a saint and the expertise of a master.
Our journey started in 2015 and he managed to keep me smiling and upbeat through out the many zigs and zags of this journey..

He also went above and beyond what is normally expected from a real estate agent. I currently live on the East Coast so I was flying out to Vancouver multiple times over the last two years. Josh never hesitated to pick me up at my hotel and explain the neighborhoods we drove through and point out where the hospitals and libraries and supermarkets were.

I would HIGHLY recommend him....simply can not be beat. - user2539819

We just purchased our first home in January, which we heard was going to be an awful and terrifying process. Josh helped to find the perfect home for us and get us through the whole process, being patient and kind about the fact that we had no idea what we were doing! He was always available to help us and was always a step ahead of what we currently needed. We would have definitely missed some things and ultimately paid for it without his advice as well. We love our new home and can't imagine ourselves anywhere else. We can't thank him enough! - foster nicolelynn